I love story... the journey, the experience. I love great storytellers who can cast spells, those who can take us on a journey into another world of people, of adventure, of the highs and lows. When I was at music school, I discovered that I greatly enjoyed the storytelling aspect of music. I think it is the journey and discovery that I enjoy. And so my practice as a composer broadened to include storytelling.

When I later came to explore indigenous knowledge, it was to story that I was again drawn. I studied the histories of my people and published books all on aspects of story and our traditional indigenous knowledge.

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The romance of paeora and hinemāia

My latest storytelling project is called The Romance of Paeora and Hinemāia which will be presented at Te Papa Museum of New Zealand on 24/25 February 2018. You can read more about this project here.


The Māori Bacchae

A new project in development, The Māori Bacchae is an interpretation into the Māori language and using Māori concepts of the great Greek tragedy, The Bacchae by Euripides. I am the translator/interpreter for the production which is a collaboration with US-Greek theatre director and performer, Yannis Simonides and New Zealander theatre director/teacher John Davies and NZ-Greek producer, Vicky Yiannoutsos You can read more about this project here.